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Aliens! What Aliens?

Published in German at "TELEPOLIS"
on Dec. 26. 2011
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Aliens! What Aliens?

There are some very important things to consider when it comes to aliens.

Many of us assume there must be intelligent life somewhere in the universe, especially in our Milky Way galaxy. Some have even suggested that these intelligent beings have visited us (Erich von Deniken and others), are visiting us now (the consistent interest in UFOs) or we will establish contact with them in the future.

If you ask SETI-Seth Shostak, he is ready to contact aliens and is looking for them with all of his/our might (http://setiathome.berkeley.edu and http://www.heise.de/tp/artikel/34/34659/1.html). Because he is convinced there are aliens and certain the aliens possess the appropriate technology to establish contact with us. It follows that they have the means to do so -- they have a kind of radio, television, telescopes or something similar. They must have eyes, ears and other "interfaces" for contacting distant worlds.

Popular speculation by Carl Sagan, Frank Drake and other renowned scientists regarding the frequency of civilizations in our Milky Way is well known. In the last 20 years the brightest among them has calculated the probability of contact. Many of them have tried to imagine what this contact would be like. They have surmised that we might in fact receive the "WOW" or some other kind of message that would convince us we are not alone in the universe...

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