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The Third Eye

First published in "PARANORMAL" Magazine Issue 17.03.2007
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The Third Eye

This book we are now introducing to Georgian economists, politicians and interested readers mainly concerns the economy of society, however, every success of an economical system finally depends on rational and sparing spending of resources, non- wasteful use of them.

The chief resource is, of course, the human capability to take from nature treasures practically for free, to assimilate them and distribute the outcome judiciously. A society which identifies its resources and distributes them in favor of a viable maximum of its members is a good one.

For this and other purposes, society must build up a system of management which strives to accomplish the best possible relations between its members and provides each member with the chance to act and, by this activity, to gain an outcome for itself and for society as a whole. We call the system of such a form of management state...

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