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Lucifer’s Questions and Expectation of Job. A Polemic Essay.

First printed in "Philosophical Studies" Nr. 6, 2002
Tbilisi © Levan Gvelesiani 2002

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Lucifer’s Questions and Expectation of Job

Even though each of us responds to the question of the meaning of life on his own, personally, we can classify answers in accordance with individual beliefs. Men who stand for atheism, if they think that life could be meaningful at all, mostly assign significance to their lives through everyday things.

These things and matters need not be a part of the individual’s life but might only be related with it in one way or another. We hear frequently: "the meaning of my life is my responsibility for my family, or my job, or my obligation to nation, or to raise my children, or to attain a high position, or to earn much money and so on".

These "grounded" objectives give sense to life for many of us, to our existence in the world. They give us motivation to act, to live, to create. It is difficult to doubt the legitimacy of such kind of goals. If we regard them from an ethical point of view, we can assume that they are a kind of life raft, which enables our mental survival in this chaotic ocean of life.

They help men to reach a real or imaginary shore. It is also obvious that not every atheist finds his lifebelt and sometimes becomes the victim of violent predators swirling in the depths: scepticism, pessimism, and void. Such men live only with today’s life, they lose power to oppose the problems and only swim along the stream.

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